ATISA Guidelines for the Selection of Conference Venues

The Board will evaluate proposals for conference venues, by considering the following factors, which are listed in order of highest to lowest priority:

  1. Overall potential of entity to organize a conference, based on submitted proposal.
  2. Geographical location (ATISA tries to alternate locations between the two coasts in order to facilitate transportation for domestic and international participants)
  3. Background of organizers (research, practice, teaching, etc.)
  4. Type of sponsoring department and/or program(s) (e.g. Ph.D., M.A., B.A./B.S., Certificate)
  5. Type of organizing institution/organization, e.g.:
    1. Academic: research universities, 4 year colleges/universities, etc.
    2. Professional schools

In accordance with its research mission, ATISA will give preference to proposals from research-oriented entities.